Distance sessions

Distance Reiki is just as strong as in-person sessions, and Reiki can reach a person no matter how far they are from the Reiki practitioner. One hour distance sessions are suitable for:

  • clients who are immobile and cannot come to see me in person
  • clients live out of town or across the globe
  • clients who are in hospital and not allowed to have visitors for health reasons
  • clients who prefer to receive Reiki in their own home

Myself and the client would discuss any health issues, then set aside time when I would send them Reiki. When the time comes for me to start the distance Reiki session, all the client needs to do is sit or lie down in a comfortable position in their home for the duration of the session.

I will be sending Reiki to the client from my own home. To do this, I write the client’s name on paper to focus the flow of Reiki to the receiver.  If the client is open to receiving messages from Spirit, I will email messages that have come through during the session, as well as notes on your chakras.

I do distance Reiki by request only. Email  trillium.healing.path@gmail.com to set up an appointment time and discuss your needs.

Ojizo-sama in ForestWhat my client says

I was sending distance Reiki to a friend who was in the hospital.  She knew I was sending Reiki to her daily between 9-10 at night. One day she asked me to focus on helping her fall asleep, as she was having trouble with sleep. The following morning I sent her this text message:

When I was working on sending you Reiki, I visualized you in a lavender field (lavender oil is known to put you to sleep).

I received this later on that day:

Hi Mari! Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to text back because I have had nonstop visitors. But timing of Spirit always amazes me!!! When your text came through, I was sitting telling my son and his girlfriend how I haven’t been able to sleep and that a nurse had given me lavender oil for my pillow last night on a little piece of gauze. I held on to it all night. And I received it sometime between 9 – 10 last night.  Totally blown away!

– B.P., Maple Ridge