Distance sessions

Distance Reiki is just as strong as in-person sessions, and Reiki can reach a person no matter how far they are from the Reiki practitioner. Distance sessions are suitable for:

  • clients who are immobile and cannot come to see me in person
  • clients live out of town or across the globe
  • clients who are in hospital and not allowed to have visitors for health reasons
  • clients who prefer to receive Reiki in their own home

When the time comes for me to start the distance Reiki session, all the client needs to do is sit or lie down in a comfortable position in their home for the duration of the session.

I will be sending Reiki to the client from my own home. To do this, I write the client’s name on paper to focus the flow of Reiki to the receiver.  If the client is open to receiving messages from Spirit, I will pass on the messages on a follow-up phone call.

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Ojizo-sama in ForestWhat my client says

I was sending distance Reiki to a friend who was in the hospital.  She knew I was sending Reiki to her daily between 9-10 at night. One day she asked me to focus on helping her fall asleep, as she was having trouble with sleep. The following morning I sent her this text message:

When I was working on sending you Reiki, I visualized you in a lavender field (lavender oil is known to put you to sleep).

I received this later on that day:

Hi Mari! Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to text back because I have had nonstop visitors. But timing of Spirit always amazes me!!! When your text came through, I was sitting telling my son and his girlfriend how I haven’t been able to sleep and that a nurse had given me lavender oil for my pillow last night on a little piece of gauze. I held on to it all night. And I received it sometime between 9 – 10 last night.  Totally blown away!

– B.P., Maple Ridge