For Space Clearing

Thank you again for the excellent session! The house is starting to feel more like home already I think it really benefited from all the clearing out of old energy…definitely a bit more peaceful…and the birds are already flocking to us!

– J.M., Vancouver

I just wanted to thank you again for the session. My cats are behaving much more like themselves since the energy of the house has been cleared and our fireplace suddenly started working again! (It had stopped working for no reason a couple of weeks ago). So the house feels clear and now warm!

I also had a dream after our session about a healing session involving my chakras. I had been given items in the shape of pentagons/heptagons that corresponded to each chakra. Each shape had a design on it as well. The orange one was on my sacral chakra and had a spiral design on it. I just wanted to share that the healing continued on in my dream world afterwards.

Lastly, abundance blocks was something that I had focused on in the final meditation we did and about an hour after our session, I won a prize for something I forgot I had entered into! And I found money on the ground too. So it seems to have had an impact!

Oh, and one more tiny thing. After our session, every animal I saw while walking after our session was SO excited to see me. I was followed by a cat, had multiple excited dogs greet me, and had one dog about a half a street away stop and refuse to move until I caught up and petted it. So, I am receiving abundance in all ways! Thank you so much!

– S.J.L., Vancouver Island

You have a presence about you which lifts all heaviness “up” when you walk into a space.  When you did my space clearing for my apartment, it felt warm and light afterwards.  I felt protected in a space which I had not yet called home.  Since that experience, I feel that “invisible shield” around my apartment and I often find myself at peace and safe.

– G.K., West Vancouver