In-person sessions

Before beginning the treatment, I answer any questions you may have. We will also discuss what you would like to focus on during the session, whether it is:

  • releasing a habit or an addiction that no longer serves you
  • an energy blockage you feel in your body and want to release or unblock it

Throughout the one hour Reiki treatment, you will be lying down fully-clothed on a massage table. Depending on your preference, I place my hands on your body in the Reiki positions or hover my hands just above your body to allow the Reiki to flow through me and into you. Aromatherapy and gemstones are used to enhance the treatment sessions. Depending on what you need, I may also use meditation chimes or a Tibetan singing bowl. Just imagine the session as a spa for all your senses!

During the treatment, I’m also guided intuitively to areas that need blockages removed, or energy centres that need extra Reiki. If you are comfortable, I can share messages with you from the Spirit world that may illuminate or provide more insight to aspects of your life. These messages from Spirit can be angels, your spirit guides, or your departed loved ones who have healing messages or guidance to offer.

I also offer Reading and Reiki combination sessions. Book a session for your soul today.


Ojizo-sama in ForestWhat my client says

Mari takes special care with setting a healing environment. I loved the music she chose specifically for me, and I loved the fact that she shared with me what my spirit guide was saying and doing while she worked.  This was a special gift for me, and was very moving.

It was a sweet experience, very relaxing.

– H.W.  Vancouver