Psychic Development


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Develop your psychic abilities in a relaxed, safe, fun and supportive environment. My team of Spirit Guides design the lessons and meditations. The course levels are designed to build upon each other, strengthening your growing intuitive abilities. Class workbook and tools are provided, and in some levels, a toolkit is included in the course fee. Class is kept small to 4 – 6 students, so I can provide individual coaching throughout the class.

Moral codes of conduct of an intuitive reader, and how to approach and have a healthy relationship with readings as a client and as a reader is also discussed.

When choosing a teacher, select the one you connect with. I’m always willing to meet with you to answer any questions you might have about my workshops and classes. I normally offer Level 1 and 2 several times a year. Level three is offered once a year. And Level 4 is offered every two years, or on request.

If you already have a group that you practice psychic development with, I am available to customize lessons and facilitate your group Circle. Minimum of 4 people required, for a 2 hrs customized Circle for $200.  Please email me to discuss your group’s needs. 

Psychic Development Circles -$25

psychic-development-circle-19I offer two types of Psychic Development Circles:

  • OPEN: This Circle is open to the general public. Those who are new or experienced in the intuitive arts are welcome to join.
  • STUDENT: Circles happening on the first Saturday of the month is reserved for my psychic development students only.

What happens at Circles? Several things could happen, as I leave it up to my Spirit Guides to determine the lessons for the Circle. Guided meditation to strengthen your connection with your Spirit Guides and practicing various divination tools is generally what the Circles involve. I sometimes offer special Circles where specific things may be taught such as tea leaf reading.


Psychic Development Level 1 – $250

20Level 1 is about connecting with our Spirit Guides and trusting what they show you through various divination tools such as dowsing, gemstones, and tarot cards. This class is designed so that there is a balance between meditation and practice – these two things are key to connecting with Spirit. Students go home with a toolkit that contains gemstones and sea salt to assist in their intuitive growth.




Psychic Development Level 2 – $300

21You continue to strengthen your connection with your Spirit Guide by working with complex tarot card layouts, tea leaf reading, automatic writing, psychometry and much more. The time we spend on divination techniques will be much longer, to practice focusing and connecting with Spirit for longer periods of time. We will also explore past lives, to understand specific blockages that are in our lives, and heal them. Also Spirit gives messages to us through art too! We will talk about how art is one of the ways Spirit communicates with us.



Psychic Development Level 3 – $350

22In Level 3, we do a meditation to bring our vibrations up to connect and channel higher wisdom. Connecting purely with Spirit (without using divination tools) is further explored. We will also discuss how to protect our own inner light as it grows and strengthens, and topics such as psychic attacks and how to protect yourself from it will be taught. After completing Level 3, students will receive a certificate acknowledging the successful completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3.



Psychic Development Level 4 – $400

23Level 4 is optional, and are designed for those who want to continue on their spiritual and intuitive journeys, and also for those who are interested in working part or full-time in the intuitive world. In this level, you will work with your Spirit Guides to create your own tarot card layout. We will also work with crystal skulls to download information from Spirit. To further experience various spiritual connections, students will be taken through a meditation to meet extra-terrestrial beings. When developing spiritually and intuitively, it is important to try various spiritual paths, and suggestions will be provided should you be interested in exploring further. Students receive a Level 4 certificate at the end of class.