Tax is already included in the price.

Readings (In-person or Skype)

Readings are 1 hour for $170. Use tarot cards for my readings, and mediumship can occur where your loved ones come through. I can also see auras, and your reading may involve me tuning into your aura.


One-on-One Psychic Development Tutoring

Individual psychic development tutoring is $250. This in-person session is 2 hours and I allow my Spirit Guides and yours to determine the meditations and practical exercises needed for your intuitive growth. Prior to the private session, you will need to send me an email describing your level (beginner, experienced, etc) and areas you need help with. Before you arrive for your psychic development session, I write down notes from my Spirit Guides and yours, tips and messages that will be helpful to you on your intuitive journey.

Reading & Reiki

This is a 2 hour session. A great combination to receive messages from Spirit and receive healing. Approximately 60 mins of Reading and 60 mins of Reiki for $250.


  • In-person session
    • $95 — 1.5 hrs (session includes discussing what the session will focus on, 1 hr Reiki, and sharing of messages from Spirit at the end of your session)
  • Pets & Horses
    • $95 — 1 hr per pet (in-person/distance healing)

Space Clearing

Rate is $175 per hour, and the total cost depends on the size of the space. Email me with details such as measurements of the space, number of rooms, number of levels, and dwelling type (home, condo, office building).  I’m currently only servicing Burnaby and Vancouver area.

Payment methods

I accept cash, cheque and credit cards. (No debit.)

For distance Reiki or reading seasons, I will send a PayPal invoice. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. You can pay using your credit card through the PayPal invoice.

Cancellations, missed appointments, late arrivals and no-shows

Our time together is important because it is dedicated to honouring and nurturing your well-being. I ask for 72 hours notice before your scheduled appointment if you need to cancel. Giving me 72 hrs notice allows me to contact other clients on the waiting list.

For cancellations less than 72 hrs notice and missed appointments, I will respectfully request payment for your cancelled session. Cancellations and missed appointments will be charged the full session amount. If you arrive late to your appointment, your appointment time will be shortened. No-shows are not welcome back.

Arrival time

I am generally ready 15 – 20 mins before an appointment. If you arrive 15 -20 mins early for your appointment, please feel free to come in.

A Friendly Reminder

Questions requiring intuitive reading or healing can only be asked during the appointment time. This helps me to create a safe, uninterrupted, private time to connect with you and your Spirit Guides.