WEB_Trillium_1From childhood, I have been seeing and sensing spirits and other peoples’ energies. In my teens, my sensitivity to other people’s energies increased, and I often came home from high school with a splitting headache. I was unintentionaly absorbing negative energy without knowing and came home exhausted. For most of high school, I barely socialized with friends outside of class time, because I preferred to recover my energy in every solitary moment I could find. Growing up as a teen, it was hard to deal with critical school peers who questioned why I didn’t socialize so much. At the time I couldn’t comprehend what was happening to me on a psychic level, and couldn’t vocalize it to friends.

As an adult, I met a wonderful spiritual teacher and psychic development mentor who has helped me to understand my abilities. My intuitive abilities opened up in ways I’ve never imagined, and I am really enjoying strengthening my relationship with Spirit.

In a tarot reading, I work with my Spirit Guides and Archangels to give you guidance and clarity on your life path.  I believe we all have the inner self-power to manifest our best lives, and  hope you leave the reading feeling comforted or empowered.