Our pets and wildlife benefit from Reiki too!

  • reduces pain in joints or discomforts from illnesses
  • accelerates wound healing on injuries or post surgery
  • soothes and calms rescue animals coming into a new forever home
  • helps the pet transition into the next world and helps the owner with grief

Pet Reiki is done at the pet’s home or by distance. During an at-home session, some pets prefer to receive Reiki directly by touch, or from a distance or a combination of both. I allow the pets to decide throughout the session if they prefer to be close to me.

If you are outside of Canada, or live further away from Vancouver, I do offer distance healing sessions. During a distance Reiki session, I connect energetically to your pet and send Reiki from a quiet place in my home. All I need is  a name or a photo of your furry family member to connect to them. This option is ideal for pets who live far away, or if they’re in a hospital where visitations are limited.

I also communicate with animals too! During the session I pass on anything your pet may have shared with me.

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“Thanks so much for coming to see Misha yesterday. He was very relaxed and rested for 12 hours the next day. Since then he has been more mobile and agile. I think he definitely feels better in terms of pain in his hip. He has been licking his paws less too and overall more energy and is his rambunctious self again.  The other day he was running around so much it reminded me of when he was going through the terrible 2’s.”

– G.K., West Vancouver