Space Clearing

Space clearing is by request only. Email your request to :

In my space clearing sessions, I use a combination of Reiki, smudging and psychic mediumship. Smudging is a Native American method of clearing negative energy by burning white sage.  The power of the burning white sage also helps me to connect with spirits and stagnant energy that may be lingering in your home, and I gently guide these to the Light so that your home can be filled with beautiful energy with the assistance of Reiki (a Japanese energy healing modality).

Read on to find more about space clearing and its benefits.

Buddha And StreamWhat is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is effective for clearing stagnant energy lingering in your home. Sometimes these situations may require a space clearing:

  • a difficult tenant just left and you need to clear their negative energy
  • you want to sell your home
  • you moved into a new home and unsure about the energy left behind by previous owners/renters
  • you’re a real estate agent and have trouble selling a property
  • you’re a manager and need to clear tension or stress in the office


Buddha With Red MapleWhat are the benefits of Space Clearing?

Space clearing benefits both you and your home! Some benefits:

  • calmness, tranquility, and feeling safe in your own home
  • better sleep
  • guests feel welcome and comfortable