For Readings

I went to see Mari for a psychic reading just by chance.  I was initially drawn to her by an article I saw in the Vancouver Courier on my friend’s coffee table.  I was NOT disappointed in the least. I was very impressed with Mari’s calm, clear, grounded presence.  She conducted herself with utmost professionalism.  She has a genuine and authentic desire to help people get in touch with themselves so they can live full happy lives.  The Tarot cards that were chosen that day were bang on about a HUGE transition going on in my life at the moment. I was quite astounded at the accuracy, actually.  Her readings are presented with grace, humour and respect.  In the end, she doesn’t tell you what to do or how your life will end up.  It always comes back to the client to choose what to do with the information that is passed on.  If you find yourself confused about some aspect of your life, I would highly recommend that you give Mari a try.  You may be surprised at the clarity and strength that you gain from one single reading.

– D.A., Sunshine Coast

I wanted to thank you for your support, assistance and wisdom over this past year or so. It has been a great help to me and I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

We are making plans and may be in a new house by March or so, and I’ll be in touch about that specific later, but we could not have moved forward so confidently without some clarity from Spirit and Reiki via your connection. Big thanks for that!

– B.H.P, Burnaby

I had a wonderful opportunity of receiving a reading from Mari today. Her healing space is very relaxing. I felt completely comfortable, safe, and well supported. At present I am going through huge stages of transformation, and Mari’s reading fully supported that. She gave me wise insights on how I may maneuver my challenges in work and family life. She explained things to me and took the time to ensure that I understood what my Spirit Guides and passed family members were telling me.

Mari has a calm, gentle, and supportive nature about her. She is gifted in many ways, and as a intuitive reader, I would say she was bang on. Thank you.

– D.H., New Westminster

I wanted to submit a testimonial for you, largely because I felt it was the best reading I’ve ever had. I have seen a handful of psychics in the past but none of them were as clear and accurate as you were. It’s funny how Spirit can send the right people along to you in such simple but powerful ways. I had just moved to Vancouver and was dealing with a great deal of change and some tumultuous events and emotions. One day I came home during a particularly difficult week and saw a newspaper my landlord had left on the kitchen table. You were on the cover and had done an interview about Spirit Guides. I knew in that moment that I had to see you one day and that you would be a big help to me. I saved that article (and still have it) and about a month later, after even more change, I decided I needed some help to figure some things out.

When I got to your place for a tarot card session I knew before I was in the house that I had been guided to the right person…your Guides told you I was coming up your front yard before I even knocked on the door! My reading with you proved to be exactly the help and medicine I needed. Thank you so much for the insight, the amazingly accurate details about me and the messages from my Guides…things were said that only my parents and sister would know about me! I’d recommend you to anyone, anytime, that is seeking spiritual guidance.

With love and gratitude,

T. A, Vancouver

Today I was offered a new job – a management position up in the mountains near Chilliwack Lake.  When I drove up the mountain to the worksite I was struck by the huge jagged mountain peaks – all just as you had stated.  This is all what you said would happen.  I saw three Hawks (a red tailed, a golden, and another) on my way home that day.  Every time I look out and see all the mountains around me, I know without a doubt, I am where I am supposed to be.  I feel like I have found my way.  I was so lost when I came to see you, and at the time of the reading had no idea what was waiting for me… until I saw it all before and me and recognized everything.

I thought you should know.  And thank you.

L.D., Vancouver

Thank you also for the session. Your Reiki was very powerful medicine and your ability to access and deliver messages means more to me than I can properly express. I am very grateful to have connected with you and wish you a beautiful and restorative summer.

L.R., Vancouver

I have had the pleasure to having a couple of one-on-one reading sessions with Mari and participate in a group channeling session which she facilitated.  I always left the sessions feeling exhilarated and ready to take on the world with my new found knowledge that came through spirit.  Mari is very approachable, kind, focused and gifted. Thank you for your guidance Mari!

L.O., North Vancouver

Recently I had the opportunity to experience a Reading and Reiki session within the quiet strength of Mari Omori.  I was gifted with two stones to support my next steps in my life path on this earth plane. My questions and concerns were acknowledged and became part of my learning process as the two parts of my session unfolded- info from past lives as well as current and future directions were described in detail and new beginnings for me came effortlessly.
Mari models connections with guides and co-creates with others to bring messages and info to support those who ask. A wonderful beginning to this next decade of my life.

-P.B., Vancouver

Mari is a very gifted psychic, medium and animal healer. You can always guarantee that she will connect with Spirit and provide accurate and timely comments about what your situation is.

I have been stunned at how accurate Mari is and do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that needs some spiritual support and direction. A very kind, old soul Mari is wise way beyond her years. I am so blessed to have met Mari and recognize and am grateful for her gifts and wisdom.

-Deb K., Vancouver

I like how you invited me to a safe and welcoming environment, which put me at ease. The session resonated with me because the messages from Spirit were easily interpret-able and surprisingly, very accurate. I really enjoyed the heater and how it made clicking noises to confirm the messages from Spirit – it was intriguing!

– K.G., Vancouver

Mari takes special care with setting a healing environment. I loved the music she chose specifically for me, and I loved the fact that she shared with me what my guide was saying and doing while she worked.  This was a special gift for me, and was very moving.

It was a sweet experience, very relaxing.

– H.W.,  Vancouver

For me the greatest part of working with you is the authenticity with which you communicate the messages from Spirit Guides and the clarity of those messages – you are a gifted communicator.  You are also very compassionate and a fantastic listener.  You don’t rush through sessions and you make me feel at ease which is so helpful as I often find I can get through all my questions and more. I am really grateful for your presence in my life.

– G.K., West Vancouver

What I appreciate the most is how in tune you and your guides are and how accurate.I can ask you a question and feel the answer resonate with me as confirmation which I think is the sign of the best example of mediumship. You have also been able to bring messages from those who are in spirit for my highest good. Many thanks for your skills and abilities and your contribution to this world.

– D.K., Vancouver