How to Prepare

Are you willing, open, and ready to make positive changes in your life? 

My clients come into a session when they are ready to release old belief systems and need some guidance from Spirit. Below are things you can do to prepare:

  • Arrive at your session feeling grounded. You can ground yourself by meditating or going out for a walk in nature. Feeling grounded allows you to feel more present during the healing, allowing Spirit to come through with messages you need.  When grounded, we can all “hear” and fully feel and absorb the messages. 
  • Do not book a session on a whim. This creates an opportunity for one of the following: a really bland session, or a great one. It’s a gamble, and I want to give you the most that I can during our time together. Also, avoid “hopping” from one reading to another. This can distort messages from Spirit given to you by other readers. 
  • Do not come in with a negative state. Anger or desperation can create an energetic block, making it difficult for me to connect with you and your Spirit Guides. Refer to the first bullet point on how to ground yourself before a reading.
  • It’s always good to make an appointment with good intention. This helps you to dive deep into your own healing. My Spirit Guides love questions that begin with the How, Why and the What, to help explore aspects of your life in depth and identify negative beliefs to remove. Such as “how can I succeed in my current career?” Such questions indicate to Spirit that you are open to change, and want to take proactive steps in your life. My Spirit Guides don’t answer “low energy” questions that pry into others’ privacy.  The quality of the questions, your intentions and the energy you bring into your session greatly influences the depth of healing and your future. Coming in with great questions creates an opportunity for in-depth healing and guidance you most need. My Spirit Team and I only work with people who are deeply open, willing and dedicated to their inner work and spiritual growth.
  • Be open to Spirit bringing up messages about other aspects of your life too. It is their way of bringing your attention to something that you may not have been conscious about. Also, my Spirit Guides only tell you what you need to hear. Not what you want to hear. Depending on how open and spiritually evolved you are, they may give you the answer to the question that should have been asked.
  • After you have created your list of questions, take an honest and deeper look at them. Within the questions are opportunities for healing. Because all my sessions involve energy healing, I will leave it up to you to decide if you’d like to heal and release anything that is blocking from your soul’s purpose.
  • Bring notebook and pen to record your session. Clients who have reviewed their reading notes two years after their session, have mentioned the messages made sense after some time has passed or still continue to resonate with them. Please note that it is your responsibility to record the reading – once Spirit steps into the reading they quiet my left brain and focuses me on the incoming messages, which shuts off my ability to remember. 

It is important to know that Spirit sometimes does not give you direct or clear answers. They give you guidance, and it is up to you to decide and choose what is best for your path. This is our own “work” we must do as humans living here on earth. Also, any forecasts for the future can change, depending on personal choices and choices made by others, and divine timing. Know that you create your own life, and Spirit is there to guide and support you. 

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