Psychic Development


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We all have psychic abilities. It’s that gut feeling or sense of knowing, that our intuition is telling us when heading in the right direction or the wrong one.  The classes are designed to develop your psychic abilities in a relaxed, safe, fun and supportive environment. You will learn how to tune into your own intuition to receive guidance from Spirit, and also practice giving messages from Spirit to others — after all, messages from Spirit is like a compass, guiding you and your friends in the direction that is for your highest good and spiritual evolution.

My team of Spirit Guides design the lessons and meditations. The course levels build upon each other, strengthening your growing intuitive abilities. 

I teach things that are not taught in other classes:

  • Using Spirit Plant medicines to boost your psychic senses (through herbal tea, aromatherapy, psychedelics, etc)
  • Working and healing with Nature Spirits that I have befriended from my backcountry hiking and camping adventures in the Canadian wilderness.
  • Moral codes of conduct of an intuitive reader, and how to approach and have a healthy relationship with readings as a giver and receiver of Spirit messages.
  • How to identify and avoid abusive spiritual teachers – I learned this the hard way and offer ways to identify and also recover from such experiences. 
  • Self-care and protection as your psychic energy grows and strengthens.


Psychic Development Circles

I offer two types of Psychic Development Circles. Many of my students have attended the Open Circles first, before registering for the Psychic Development classes.

  • OPEN: This Circle is open to the general public. Those who are new or experienced in the intuitive arts are welcome to join.
  • CLOSED: This is where a group of people meet for weeks or several months to heal trauma blocking their intuition and grow their psychic abilities.


Psychic Development Classes

My Spirit Guides and I are currently offering online Psychic Development with Plant Medicines class. This class is currently closed to registrations as the group grows and learns with Spirit and the medicines.