For Classes

One-on-One Mentorship

Thank you so much Mari. This is everything I wanted and more, a great set of things for me to work on and allow to happen. Those chakras that took in a lot yesterday were aching a bit today (it’s a good pain though, an “active” pain). It was an opportunity to give self-reiki and it worked out great.

-Z.H, Surrey

Reiki Classes

Thank you for this amazing week connecting with energies and spirits. You answered to all the questions I had myself during the last four years without me asking you. Thank you also for having adapted your teaching to my life path. Meeting you and your guides has changed the course of my life in such a positive way. It is an extraordinary teaching and its value is unique. I hope to be able to transmit this knowledge and this energy with the same accuracy and kindness in the future. I’m enjoying practicing the new Reiki symbols and ThetaHealing (I’m gonna receive the introduction book this week). I can’t wait to share it with my future clients.

-R.B.D.S., Paris, France

Was thinking about you yesterday- you sure do provide a great class, with guidance, intelligence, kindness, patience, knowledge and such thoughtful touches. The time and care you take to not only provide during class but the aftercare is very thoughtful and much appreciated.

-K.M., Vancouver

As an animal lover, I was drawn to the picture of Mari channeling energy to the horse and the story behind it.  During the class, I received tremendous guidance and support and felt that the pace was perfect.  There was lots of hands on practice and also manuals to take home.  I came away feeling empowered to continue on my spiritual path.  For the second part of the course, I chose to learn about offering Reiki to animals.  She was a calming influence as she channeled Reiki to our pets.I feel that Mari is a gentle and loving soul with a big heart, and I highly recommend her if you are guided to learn Reiki.

-L.D, Burnaby

I was guided to come see Mari to have a Reiki session during my first month of spiritual awakening in July 2016. Not only did Mari channel Reiki to ease my body for the transition, she also channeled messages from my Spirit Guides to help me understand what I was going through and empowered me. The Reiki session was definitely beneficial for my wellbeing and because of it, I signed up for Reiki Level 1 to study Reiki from Mari. The class was conducted in a very friendly and relaxed environment, even now as I’m writing this testimonial, I can still tune in and feel the energy in the class. Mari is a very intuitive healer. I believe many people could benefit from her gifts and services.

-R.L, Vancouver

Psychic Development Circles

Thank you so much..for everything. For being your beautiful self, for sharing your medicine, for creating a beautiful, safe space for healing, for your integrity, your love and your heart, your magic! You are truly one of a kind and I appreciate you SO much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I feel fu@*ing great day today! Better than I have in a long time. I know I’ve moved, shaked and shifted some shit.
Had me a dance party.
Much love & deep gratitude

– S.J., United States

I wanted to send a sincere thank you for the work you are doing with Spirit and for how much you offer to all your followers on social media and in private sessions and workshops.

The workshop about tree meditation and then today’s newsletter have been extremely moving experiences for me. The newsletter…I can’t believe how much the card I chose resonates with me. I’m sitting at work with tears in my eyes because it 100% confirms what I need to do next.

And so you know – the meditation was so much deeper than I ever would have expected and I hope you can continue holding those in the future. I had to go home and nap to help absorb everything and let it all sink in!

With deep, deep gratitude I wanted to say thank you, again, for the work you are doing with Spirit.

-T.A., Vancouver

Thank you so much for the spirit circle experience Mari! I loved it. There was a lot of heat/energy even before things kicked off and it seemed to help the visualization process, which was much easier than when I usually meditate. When the spirit animals were delivering gifts it felt so real! I could feel each object affecting my energy field. The manifestation part also felt so real, almost like I was given a taste of a new life – I was definitely not expecting that 🙂 I look forward to participating in more circles in the future!   

-M.D., California

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Saturday night’s meditation. I always enjoy your meditation evenings but this was an especially good one for me. It was a great way to get grounded, clarity and messages that gave me good direction and which I started with yesterday with success. I love my aromatherapy tree blend – use it every day and the jelly with crackers with evergreen forest tea were so good. It was a brilliant evening. Thank you!

-N.M., North Vancouver

Thanks as always for the student circle. It re-awakens my connection to Spirit each time I go and I really appreciate that you offer it.

Last night I was walking on the beach and sat on the sand, and noticed this ladybug walking on me. Again this morning I saw one inside my house after I had honoured my mom and was talking to Spirit.

When I looked up the meaning in Stephen Farmers book, it said Mother Mary is with you to guide you and console you no matter what your religious or spiritual orientation”. And remember, Mother Mary is the goddess who came to me in my meditation yesterday.  Isn’t that lovely.

-L.C., Tsawwassen

Mari, your meditation today in the Psychic Development Circle with Blue Lotus plant medicine and Golden Teacher was so powerful I am still vibrating and releasing. In gratitude!!

-S.B., Surrey

I have attended Mari’s development classes, circles, vision board making class as well as Reiki healing for my dog. All of these things have been amazing and have helped me grow and understand Spirit more and more. I am extremely grateful to have found Mari and what she has to offer to the world. Thank you Mari and Spirit for your love and guidance.

Love and Light to all who have found themselves reading this.

-K.Z., Surrey

I attended Mari’s Psychic Development Circle and felt so welcomed and loved by her presence. She is such a beautiful person and holds so much wisdom and guidance. I left having received many answers and guidance as well as a few aha moments. The meditation she guided us through allowed me to deeply connect with my spirit guides and my spirit animal which was new to me. I feel more at ease, more in tune and more clear. Thank you Mari!

T.G., Vancouver

Mari is very calming and gentle. She is extremely knowledgable and intuitive on the subject of Spirit. She taught  and guided me through how to do a more effective/efficient reading for myself and others. I learned excellent techniques on how to do so and am so excited to use it. Thank you Mari!

-J.E., Vancouver

I love Mari’s energy and her workshops & circles she hosts. All of the things she teaches really helps my understanding of Spirit and helps me grow spiritually. I always feel really rejuvenated and enlightened afterwards which makes me want to attend her classes more.

-C.D., Vancouver

I have been attending Mari’s development circle for students for over a year now, every month, once a month.  Mari is very professional, inviting and provides gentle guidance to allow you to discover your gifts.  She continues to help me open my eyes and heart and for this I will be forever grateful.

-K.Z., Coldwater

An amazing Circle. I got to meet one of my spirit guides! And the message I recieve helped me through Jan and now in life to help me ground myself.  Great experience overall and I look forward to going back !!

-G.L., Vancouver

Mari has a rare gift of being both teacher, spiritual director and guide to help people find inner peace on their spiritual journey. I have known Mari for about three years now, and her presence is both beautiful, calming and fun loving.

-D.K., Vancouver

Amazing meditation circle, lead by a caring, gifted soul.

-P.D., Vancouver

Thank you Mari, so much for the morning healing circle on Sunday, it was wonderful. I’ve been re listening to your audio readings, and truly feel guided. Blessings to you!


Thank you for the potent and powerful Samhain circle! I have been resting and integrating and yesterday was a very slow and restful day!


Psychic Development Classes

Thanks for everything and all your courses. Since Saturday my body has really aligned and my energy is way better. That was really a phenomenal day. I really enjoyed the classes with you.

-L.C., Vancouver

I signed up for Psychic Development Level 1 and 2, thinking it would be a fun way to spend a Saturday. What I got out of it was much more! It is a non-judgmental, open environment to get in touch with our own divinity through various exercises. Although I had considered myself intuitive, I came out of it a lot more confident in my ability to connect to my innate wisdom, and uplifted, having been surrounded by divine energies all day. What a great way to spend my day!

-S.T., Vancouver

The experience with Mari as a guide to help me connect with my Spirit Guides was mesmerizing. Mari provided me a very safe and comfortable space to learn and explore my spiritual being. I have the tools now to enhance and practice my intuition. Than you Mari for providing the space and guidance! You are one of a kind.

-L.Y., Vancouver

I found Mari on the internet when I was looking for a psychic reader, on her website she offered different levels of spiritual courses. I registered for the “Psychic Development Level 1”. This one day course changed my life for the better. I was able with her guidance to connect with my spiritual guides, I got answers about myself and my two kids. I also participated to a group channelling session hosted by her and to a psychic development group session. So those three sessions I spent with her represent a set point in my spiritual and day to day life.

I will definitely participate to more activities ( I’m actually seeing her this week for a private reading) and I highly recommend her services.

-N.F., North Vancouver

Smudge Fan Making Workshop

When I signed up for Mari’s smudge fan making workshop, I knew it would be special but I didn’t realize I would remember the day forever! Mari held space for us in a private workshop and created a place where the participants could receive guidance on what they were about to create…she set out all the materials needed in beautiful sections and neat piles throughout the room. She brought in the most incredible selection of feathers and tools to build the smudge fans and encouraged us to follow the guidance we receive from Spirit. When the time was up, I was really amazed to look at what I created because I felt like I was looking at a new “being” that I had no idea was going to come into my life. The class ended with a meditation where we activated the smudge fans with our heart beat! A truly memorable experience and I have used my smudge fan for many memorable healings and blessings with friends and family. Thank you Mari for creating such an incredible work shop! You are truly gifted!<3 – C.A., Vancouver

The Smudge Fan Making Workshop was absolutely wonderful! Mari’s teaching was inspiring and the workshop was SO fantastic – I’m overjoyed I got to make a beautiful fan with such extraordinarily beautiful feathers. Mari was generous with her knowledge and materials and I felt like my creativity was truly ignited again after a bit of a dry spell. I really hope Mari offers another fan making workshop – I would sign up for sure!

– S.G., Vancouver

The Smudge Fan Making Workshop was very well put together and fun, relaxing, and had a beautiful vibe. I would certainly recommend this for anyone from an experienced intuitive or crafter to the very new beginner.

-K.W., North Vancouver

The Smudge Fan Making Workshop was a calming, grounding experience in an incredibly safe space. Mari is warm and welcoming and encouraging of all levels of creativity and experience. The meditation at the beginning of the workshop allows you to set intention and tune into the space and energies of the others in the room. Totally recommend this intimate, lovely workshop.

-J.L.G., Vancouver

The Smudge Fan Making Workshop was an extremely welcoming and warm environment. Mari is so kind, patient and the most excellent teacher. I am new to my journey towards natural healing and I feel beyond appreciative that Mari was my teacher. Feeling her energy and channeling my own helped me create a beautiful smudge fan that I will forever cherish.

-I.H., Coquitlam