Reiki Classes


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Usui Reiki for People & Animals

My classes cover techniques to give Reiki to people and animals. Please note that animal Reiki portion of the class will be scheduled on a different day, to accommodate students who may be allergic to pets.

As for my style, I would like to use my students’ feedback to describe my teaching style and class format: “Other teachers teach ‘by the book’, but Mari you teach intuitively.”   I do teach according to the international Reiki standards of teaching, but leave room to allow Spirit to guide me in teaching additional methods or provide more information that would be beneficial for your spiritual growth. This is because the energy of Reiki has changed – to accommodate the rising collective spiritual vibration and consciousness. I was guided by the Spirit World to give more in my Reiki classes so we can all rise and feel more connected to each other and to the Universe.

Because Reiki attunements open up your psychic abilities, part of the class will involve discussing how to nurture this. As an intuitive, I will be sharing my experiences and how to handle your psychic abilities as they open up. I also offer free, lifetime support to my Reiki students. My Spirit Guides call this ‘Spiritual Tech Support’, where we give you guidance and some healing during our phone call.

In my classes, I also talk about plant medicines and how it can enhance your own healing abilities, and increase the healing vibrations when giving a session to someone.

Do you need a review of a Reiki level? I allow students who have completed any level of Usui Reiki to attend my classes. I charge $50 per student to cover costs. If you studied Reiki with another teacher, please email me a scan of your certificate so I know you have completed a Reiki class.

Usui Reiki Level 1 

This is the beginning of a beautiful path. Attunement to Reiki Level one opens you up energetically to channel Reiki through your hands. We learn about Reiki as a self-care tool, and how to give a Reiki session to others.

Students go home with a Reiki manual and Usui Reiki Level 1 Certificate.

The class covers:

  • History of Reiki
  • The five Reiki Principles
  • Discussion of 21 day cleanse (if it occurs for the student)
  • Attunement to Reiki Level 1
  • Chakras and Auras and how to give Reiki to them
  • How to give yourself a full Reiki treatment
  • Practice giving and receiving full Reiki sessions to each other
  • Tips on other ways to send Reiki that is not taught in other classes

Usui Reiki Level 2 

After Reiki Level 2 attunement, some students find themselves in a deeper connection to Reiki and to the Universe. In Level 2, you learn how to use Reiki symbols for various healing purposes. I attune and teach other Reiki symbols that are not taught in any other classes.

Students go home with a Reiki manual and Usui Reiki Level 2 Certificate. 

The class covers:

  • Sending distance Reiki to animals using a proxy
  • Sharing of experiences since Reiki Level 1
  • Attunement to Reiki Level 2
  • Discussion of 21 day cleanse (if it occurs for the student)
  • Introduction to the Reiki symbols and practice drawing them
  • Reiki to stop a bad habit
  • Practice giving and receiving Reiki distance Reiki

Because Level 2 is about distance healing, there is no second part to the class for animal Reiki. Sending distance Reiki to both people and animals will be covered in one day.

Usui Reiki Level 3 

Many students are called to complete Reiki Level 3 as they progress along their spiritual development, and feel the deep desire to connect on a much higher vibrational level. In Reiki Level 3, you will learn advanced techniques of using Reiki.

Students go home with a Reiki manual and Usui Reiki Level 3 Certificate.

The class covers:

  • Attunement to Reiki Level 3
  • Discussion of the 21 day cleanse (if it occurs for the student)
  • Performing Aura Cleansing on each other to release the root cause of an illness
  • Using a crystal grid to send distance Reiki to people, animals, and situations
  • Diagrams of animal chakra points will be provided, and how to give Reiki to animal chakras

Usui Reiki Master  (two days)

Reiki Master is one of the many wonderful spiritual paths, and this class focuses very much on spiritual development. Students go home with a Reiki manual and Usui Reiki Master Certificate.

The class covers:

  • Attunement to Reiki Master Level
  • Practice drawing the Reiki Master symbol and feeling its energy
  • Review of all the Reiki symbols
  • Practicing attunement to initiate others into Reiki
  • Environmental cleansing (space clearing) using Reiki and other tools
  • Advanced techniques such as using pendulums and gemstones for in-person and distance healing for people and animals
  • Discussion of the Reiki Master’s path
  • Sharing of business tips for running a successful Reiki practice

Beyond Master Level

This is a customized class, tailored especially for you.

The class covers:

  • Attunement to other Reiki symbols not taught in other classes
  • Practice drawing the new symbols and feeling its energy, and learning when to use them for specific issues
  • Psychic development and how to raise your vibrations
  • How to use Reiki with other healing modalities to become a stronger channel for Spirit’s healing vibrations
  • Healing music to use when giving sessions or healing yourself
  • And other advanced techniques beyond the traditional Reiki Master role