Smudge Fan


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Smudge_Fan_129Smudging is the First Nation’s method of removing negative energies from people, objects, and spaces.  Smudging is done by burning sage, and using the smoke to clear energy. Feathers or smudge fans, are used to waft the smoke to assist in the cleansing process.

Tools and supplies are included in the workshop fee. Participants are free to bring their own feathers, branches, or gemstones for the workshop. We will start the workshop with a meditation to ground ourselves and to connect with creativity. This is meant to be a fun workshop where you create your own spiritual tool.

I offer both regular smudge fan workshops, and a Masterclass smudge fan workshop. In the Masterclass, we will be connecting with Spirit Plants to receive creative guidance and inspiration. Also, more selection of cruelty-free, naturally molted feathers are offered in the Masterclass.

I have been making smudging fans for several years, and sell them at local spiritual stores in Vancouver such as Banyen Books & Sound, The Oracle, Reflections Books, and Mountain Gems. I also have global clients and private collectors through my Etsy shop.

Please note that this class is only offered a few times a year, as it depends on the number of cruelty-free, naturally molted feathers I receive and natural branches I can find for the class.