Hi there, I’m a Japanese Canadian, born in Vancouver, Canada. My paternal lineage is Ainu. Ainus are an indigenous tribe living in Northern Japan. Continue reading below on my path as an intuitive,  Reiki Master and ThetaHealer.

My path as an Intuitive

From four years old, I’ve been sensitive to energy around me and have been seeing and sensing Spirits. I would see quick flashes of Spirits or black and white shadows from the corner of my eyes. I never felt I was in danger – but felt Spirits were letting me know of their presence. Even though I could predict things in the future, I kept most of it to myself, thinking it would be a quiet, intuitive skill that only I would use.

In my adult years, I read lots of  books on psychic development and practiced on my own time, and attended psychic development classes to help me understand my abilities. I gave readings to friends and families, which then expanded to referrals and I quickly began building a solid client base. I decided to leave the corporate world and focus on my intuitive work, as I felt the most happiest, connected,  and in flow with the Universe when working with Spirit. I continue to develop my intuitive abilities through courses and healing sessions where I clear my energy to ensure I’m always a clear channel for Spirit.

My path to Reiki

WEB_Trillium_3Looking back, healing in all sorts of forms were present in my life. As a child when I got hurt, I would place my hands over the injury and send healing thoughts and feelings. The injuries would heal faster when I did this. It also helped to get over the initial shock of getting an “owie”! Healing also appeared in my childhood activities such as bandaging up my stuffed animals and playing the vet at an imaginary wildlife sanctuary.

My interest in healing developed further during university, while I worked part-time at an aromatherapy shop learning about the healing powers of plants. I began to depend less on man-made medicine, and continued using aromatherapy because my sense of well-being was increasing. After graduating from university, developing my career in the corporate world took dominance, but continued to learn new things on my own time like shamanism, meditation, yoga, and chakras. I also developed interest in gemstones, and read books about their healing properties.

_DSC7556Despite all the self-learning, I was still feeling stuck in life and happened to be in a gemstone store owned by a Shaman. Realizing I needed healing on a spiritual level, I completed several sessions with the Shaman to remove mental and emotional obstacles I had created in my own life and my sense of purpose started to come clear. The Universe quickly opened up doors to classes and new friends came into my life, and one of them gave me my first Reiki treatment. As she was giving me Reiki, I could feel energy moving around me. I promptly signed up for Usui Reiki courses and began giving Reiki to friends and family. An inner guidance told me to continue my Reiki studies, and I honoured the call by completing my Reiki Master certification. Then I learned about Animal Reiki, and it reminded me about my childhood dream of working with animals. I knew I wanted to add animals to my world of Reiki, and it certainly feels everything has come full circle. I’m happy to add that I’m now also teaching Animal Communication. It only felt natural, as I’ve been communicating with the animal kingdom and the elements of the earth as a child. I am also now a certified Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, allowing me to take my healing sessions deeper by removing blocks to help manifest a life aligned with your soul’s path. I am also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and can offer healing and guidance to make the most of this wonderful personality trait.

The meaning behind Trilliums


I once walked along a trail with Trilliums growing along both sides. It was an extremely calming experience. Trillium is also my favourite wildflower, and it’s always a joy spotting them on local trails in the Spring. I hope to give you the same calm and joy within yourself and in life around you, as the Trilliums continue to give me.