For Healing

My deepest gratitude again to you and Spirit and the whole session Saturday. I have been in a deep reflective, open state and am easing into the integration. Your gifts and the way you work are so humbly profound. I’m still in awe. Thank you so much, you are incredible at what you do.”

-K.B., Vancouver

Since our session my kidney pains and UTI symptoms have improved significantly. Before I came to you I was suffering and it was very difficult to get through the day. I was considering taking a leave from work but since I showed no symptoms on diagnostic tests I couldn’t get a doctors note.

I am very happy to report that my kidney doesn’t hurt at all, and my bladder is steadily improving. I have lots of energy and have made it through work just fine.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your help, insights, and especially for the fact that you sourced my problem. As always, your manner and professionalism were greatly appreciated.

-Z.H., Surrey

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the incredible Reiki and ThetaHealing last week! It was the first time in a long time where I could feel my body and mind made the shift to feeling more balanced and relaxed. To confirm that, my menses finally occurred. My body was so stressed last year that it stopped coming for several months so I was very relieved to see it arrive even though it wasn’t the intention of our session. I had some other confirmations I thought I should share. When I returned to my car, the side windows were all fogged up but the windshield was completely clear. When you told me my Soul said, “oh great more energy.” I have to say, that is totally what I would say if I knew what was going on with my energy. And thank you for listening to your intuition and balancing it out. Although there were no limiting beliefs that came to mind during that session, they appeared the next day. I recognized I had three holding me back and these were the three that showed up when my mom was in palliative for cancer which I have recognized over the years and have been working on them. When you mentioned my family tree was a gold Gingko tree… I smiled because when I catch the bus to work, the house outside the bus stop has a Gingko tree and every autumn it turns Golden yellow. And things seemed more harmonious with my colleagues at the potluck gathering tonight. Everyone that came in on Friday for massage all had an odd glow to them. Although they claim it’s from their “holidays” the glow they had was truly exceptional. I had to take a 2nd look! It was also no coincidence you mentioned Stellar Jays (i had to look it up). It basically confirmed the message you received about the tiger — that stellar jays are known for knowing when to hold back and take action. Not entirely sure where to apply that info yet, but I’m sure I will know eventually. Oh and I love my two crystals from you and Spirit. The botswana agate and the rutilated quartz I received are two of the most beautiful pieces I have seen. So thanks again! With Gratitude to you for doing what you do. For being brave to do it and for sharing your gifts.

-M.C., Vancouver

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Reiki / reading session yesterday! I feel like it realigned me on multiple levels and I’m feeling a sense of lightness and presence that I haven’t felt for a while.  It’s like I wandered a little too far off the path and needed a course correction. The work you are doing is a blessing to the world.

-M.D., Vancouver

In the couple of the times you have done healing on me I can’t get over what a powerful effect it has on me. I’ve had other healings that have been effective but yours are on another level.

-J.E., Vancouver

When I first came across Mari and her practice I was skeptical, as many people can be when it comes to the unknown. However, not only has she made the experience comfortable due to her calm and centered demeanour, she has gifted me with direction in times where I felt lost. I was also fortunate enough to see her work with animals which has completely touched my heart. I am a firm believer in the good work that she does and can honestly say, even if you are a skeptical logical person, seeing Mari will at least leave your heart at peace.

-C.S., Vancouver

Hi, I want to thank you for the distance Reiki. I am currently struggling with mental health issues having just been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Suddenly last night around 8 pm, all my sorrow and mental anguish lifted. I didn’t know why until I saw your recent post. It must have been your full moon Reiki. Thank you so much! I am going to book a session with you next month if there are appointment openings. Much love to you.


I have had multiple sessions with Mari for both Reiki and reading. In our Reiki sessions, I usually fall into deep sleep and wake up feeling “lighter”. As well, her messages from Spirit have resonated and helped provide guidance for my life’s journey. Mari has a calm, down to earth, and genuine demeanour. She’s been a pleasure to work with and I will definitely come back to see her!

-A.C., Burnaby

I have had several Reiki/reading sessions with Mari that have been amazing. During the sessions she was able to pinpoint things that I had felt energetically in my body without any knowledge of them, and begin to heal them. At one point I asked her about what she was doing (because I was able to feel the energy being moved in my body) and when she explained it, it perfectly aligned with the sensations I was feeling. As well, her readings during sessions have been spot on. I was impressed with her ability to read my aura and know when particular experiences occurred that have affected me energetically. I have felt balanced and restored after each session and have referred multiple people to Mari. She is a very intuitive and gifted healer.

S.L., Vancouver

I wanted to tell you I had a beautiful day yesterday. Thank you for your healing energy and thank you Universe for bringing it together when I needed it the most! I hope to carry it forward. Have a wonderful day and bless your journey.


Thank you Mari. It was night here in France during the distance Reiki session. When I woke up this morning, it felt like I had a Reiki session the entire night!

R.B., France

I was guided to come see Mari to have a Reiki session during my first month of spiritual awakening in July 2016. Not only did Mari channel Reiki to ease my body for the transition, she also channeled messages from my Spirit Guides to help me understand what I was going through and empowered me. The Reiki session was definitely beneficial for my wellbeing and because of it, I signed up for Reiki Level 1 to study Reiki from Mari. The class was conducted in a very friendly and relaxed environment, even now as I’m writing this testimonial, I can still tune in and feel the energy in the class. Mari is a very intuitive healer. I believe many people could benefit from her gifts and services.

-R.L, Vancouver

I had the pleasure of experiencing a Reiki session with Mari in the fall when the transitions of life and loss are coaxed to the surface of our surrounding environment and therefore those emotions lay displayed for us all during this time. As soon as I lay down upon Mari’s table, in her room filled with whispering chants that poured over me like liquid and light aromatherapy, I was transported. The affects of this gentle and powerful energy stayed with me for weeks. Mari’s Reiki session was spiritual, healing and it had a surprising after affect that made my life feel energized and centred for weeks. Thank you for the soul oil up, Mari.

-L.D., Vancouver

Recently I had the opportunity to experience a Reading and Reiki session within the quiet strength of Mari Omori.  I was gifted with two stones to support my next steps in my life path on this earth plane. My questions and concerns were acknowledged and became part of my learning process as the two parts of my session unfolded- info from past lives as well as current and future directions were described in detail and new beginnings for me came effortlessly.
Mari models connections with guides and co-creates with others to bring messages and info to support those who ask. A wonderful beginning to this next decade of my life.

-P.B., Vancouver

In August 2014 I contacted Mari to ask her to send my brother healing energy while he was going through chemo. Right after I contacted Mari I started feeling this amazing sense of positive energy and calmness. I called her and told her how I felt after our last contact, and she said she was also sending healing to me.  Mari helped me immensely during a very difficult time . Mari is very good at what she does and I would highly recommend her.

– S.P., Vancouver

I was sending distance Reiki to a friend who was in the hospital.  She knew I was sending Reiki to her daily between 9-10 at night. One day she asked me to focus on helping her fall asleep, as she was having trouble with sleep. The following morning I sent her this text message:

When I was working on sending you Reiki, I visualized you in a lavender field (lavender oil is known to put you to sleep).

I received this later on that day:

Hi Mari! Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to text back because I have had nonstop visitors. But timing of Spirit always amazes me!!! When your text came through, I was sitting telling my son and his girlfriend how I haven’t been able to sleep and that a nurse had given me lavender oil for my pillow last night on a little piece of gauze. I held on to it all night. And I received it sometime between 9 – 10 last night.  Totally blown away!

– B.P., Maple Ridge

You have penetrating energy coming through your hands.  On many occasions through our Reiki sessions I could feel your healing touch on my skin and through the flesh.  On certain part of my body I found that you could really go deep and dissolve blockages.  I explained this as a “warm rod” going through one end and coming out the other … it was not painful but rather comforting and healing. I really enjoy that you play music that you see fit for the session.  You are very in tune with me as your client and intuitively pick the music as it relates to my emotions and vibration for that day.  I very much appreciated this.

– Goli

Mari takes special care with setting a healing environment. I loved the music she chose specifically for me, and I loved the fact that she shared with me what my spirit guide was saying and doing while she worked.  This was a special gift for me, and was very moving.

It was a sweet experience, very relaxing.

– H.W.,  Vancouver

 I was referred to Mari by a friend. I felt like I needed an energy healing after a stressful time in my life. I moved to a different home and felt like I needed help to release the residual stress of the situation. Mari is very easy to talk to and is very gifted. I feel much lighter and feel very comfortable and happy in my new home. I will call on her again in the future for reiki or a reading. Thanks Mari!

– S.W., Vancouver