What to Expect


All my sessions are a combination of Reiki, ThetaHealing, and intuitive reading. I offer sessions for both people and animals.

In a session, you are always co-creating with me and Spirit. We work through issues you mentioned in your online intake form, but also take into account Spirit’s suggestions throughout your session, allowing you to add any additional healing that you feel comfortable receiving. Sessions are like a conversation between you and Spirit – I simply act as the facilitator of the healing process guided by Spirit, and translator of Spirit. Spirit communicates messages in feelings and symbols, and I vocalize them and pass it on to you.
Over the many years co-creating between my clients, myself and Spirit, this has become the flow of the sessions. Read on to find out more.
Upon making the appointment
When you make an appointment, you are letting Spirit know that you are open to healing and their guidance. Upon booking, observative clients have reported seeing signs, omens and experiencing synchronicities. To assist you in navigating and understanding these experiences, I send tarot cards in advance. After making an appointment, please give me a couple of days to find quiet time to tune into your energy so Spirit and I can choose tarot cards for you. If guided by Spirit to do so, I send additional supportive information. Sometimes I do get booked months ahead of time, and I like to reach out to say Hello in this way. Also, if you’ve given me permission in the online form, I add your name to my altar where I send daily distance healing to clients. It helps to send some healing in advance, so deeper work can be done when we meet.
During the session
All sessions involve Reiki, ThetaHealing and intuitive reading. Depending on what you need some of these things can happen:
  • Clearing negative energies from you.
  • Releasing negative beliefs and downloading positive beliefs. These downloads help to initiate emotional, mental, physical and spiritual shifts. 
  • Any healing done within you, is sent several generations back and several generations forward. So not only does your ancestors receive some healing, your future generations will too! And for those who do not have children; your own inner healing will impact those you come into contact with.
  • Past life healing work and receiving insights from your previous reincarnations on why certain blocks are still in your life and lessons still to be learned.
Sessions for couples
Couples come in for many reasons:
  • To strengthen their relationship after years of feeling emotionally distanced from each other.
  • New couples wanting to cut cords and ‘energetically divorce’ from their previous partners to heal their past relationships so that the old energy is not interfering with the new relationship.
  • Spiritually connected partners looking for guidance on connecting deeper with each other and how to support each other on their own paths, but also grow together. 
  • Reading into past lives in the unlearned lessons and possibilities of learning it completely in this lifetime.
  • Reading into your Akashic Records (soul contracts) to explore what lessons and experiences you’re meant to learn together.
In a couples session, I work on each partner separately first. It is towards the end of the session where both partners are present and more deeper work is done.
Animal communication and healing
For animal communication and healing sessions, both you and your pet receive healing! This is because your pet is in your life for a reason and this can be found in your soul contracts (lessons, vows, commitments) between you and your pet. Your pet can mirror what you’re experiencing emotionally (or mentally, psychically, spiritually.) This can sometimes indicate healing or shifts that need to happen for both of your best and highest good.
After the session
Spirit and I select more tarot cards and send pictures of them to you. I may also include other resources Spirit feels would support your integration from all the healing and insights you received. I cannot cover everything that happens in a session because each and every one is very different – which is why I love working with Spirit. Every session is very unique! The best way is to come in and experience a session.
If you have any special needs, please specify on the client intake form so I can prepare for your session to create a safe, nurturing and healing environment.
Please note:  I do not do “just readings” – readings on their own are not enough to create lasting positive changes. The healing done at the beginning of all my sessions help to remove emotional and mental obstacles, opening pathways to a more fulfilling life. Once this happens, messages and guidance from Spirit changes, guiding you to be more aligned with your soul’s journey on this earth.

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