What to Expect

All my sessions are a combination of Reiki, ThetaHealing, and intuitive reading. I offer sessions for both people and animals. I also offer sessions for couples looking to release any blocks holding them back, and to create a stronger bond. I also accommodate those who are hard of hearing. If you have any special needs, please specify on the client intake form so I can prepare for your session to create a safe, nurturing and healing environment.

We begin the session with healing first, using Reiki and ThetaHealing. The healing helps to remove any blockages and self-limiting beliefs, changing your future for a more positive outcome and more aligned with your soul’s purpose. The healing can impact you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Intuitive reading is done in the end, where guidance from Spirit is given through tarot cards and mediumship.

Throughout the session, there will be moments of silence as I tune into Spirit to witness the healing that is happening, and will share with you what has been released or healed. Examples of areas that can be healed are ancestral lineages and past lives (known as reincarnations). Healing these areas can release blocks or anything that has been holding you back (such as self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.)

Please note:  I do not do “just readings” – readings on their own are not enough to create lasting positive changes. The healing done at the beginning of all my sessions help to remove emotional and mental obstacles, opening pathways to a more fulfilling life. Once this happens, messages and guidance from Spirit changes, guiding you to be more aligned with your soul’s journey on this earth.

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