What is involved in a Reading?

What are your Readings like?

I use tarot cards, using my own tarot card spread taught to me by my Spirit Guides. During a reading, I see glimpses of your past, present and future. If there are lessons still to be learned, I see your past lives that explain your current situation. My Spirit Guides may also show me your aura, that tells me about your current mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state. Mediumship can occur in a reading, when your loved ones who have crossed over have supportive and healing messages for you.

Also, all my readings come with a Reiki session. Reiki helps to remove blockages, allowing you to have more clarity to move forward in your life. I offer only Reading and Reiki combination sessions. In these sessions, you will receive Reiki first – because removing the energetic blockages can shift your future outcome.

How do you receive psychic/intuitive messages?

I receive messages through clairvoyance, clairaudience,and clairsentience. I see words, symbols, images and short film clips that contain the essence of the message. I can also hear my Spirit Guides talking to me, and also feel what you may have gone through in the past, and what you may feel in the present and the future. I do not do fortune telling.

How accurate are you?

No psychic is 100% accurate. I simply do my best to interpret and pass on the message from Spirit to you.

Will I hear something bad?

Please be assured, that Spirit only bring things up to help you deal with any obstacles you are facing, to help you live your life to the fullest. If they bring up something that may be negative in your life, they simply want to help and see you overcome this block.

Can I change my future?

Absolutely!  The outcome of your life is always in your control. So if you receive messages about your future, it is not written in stone.

How often should I have a reading?

I personally get a reading at the beginning of the year.  I call this a “Spiritual Check-in”. When I receive readings, I want to know if I’m on track with my spiritual path and if there are things I could do to improve my own life. I sometimes go back for a second reading mid-year to ensure I’m on track with my life’s purpose.

It is unhealthy if you are needing readings daily or weekly. This means you are becoming dependent, and have lost your ability to trust yourself to make decisions. I’m happy to provide what my Spirit Guides show me in a reading, but need you to leave the reading knowing confidently that you are capable of making your own decisions.

It is important to leave some time between readings for reflection, planning, and action. This can be anywhere from 3 – 12 months. I will notify you if I feel that you have scheduled a reading too soon, and will cancel the appointment.

If you are showing behaviours that exhibit dependency on readings despite my warnings or display abusive behaviours — you are not welcome back.

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